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There are several rooms and themes to pick from at Whether you’re a seasoned gamer looking for the ultimate challenge, or you want a fun activity for the whole family, our variety of rooms cater to all types of players. Keep reading to learn more about each of our escape rooms, and get in touch to book with us.

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Dinner With A Spy!

It’s the 1960’s. The imminent threat of a Cold War deeply concerns the United States Government. Central Intelligence Agent Daniel Boyd has been working undercover at the Soviet Embassy, and has recently discovered a list of double agents exists somewhere within the embassy. The Soviet Ambassador, Dimitri Volkov, has grown suspicious of  Agent Boyd’s behavior.

There’s a dinner party coming up between Volkov and other dignitaries, with plans to effectively start the Cold War against the United States. Agent Boyd needs your group to sneak into the embassy an hour before the party, find Volkov’s list of double agents, and escape with the list before the party starts. Good luck!

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Fancy Antique Room
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The Music Man Caper!

Music has impacted all of us, woven into the meaning of impactful situations and moments that define who we are. Odds are some of your favorite artists have been deeply influenced by the iconic music producer, Rod Royal. A pioneer in the music industry, Rod Royal has left his mark in countless genres of music over the past 40 years. Inspired by Meredith Wilson and his work with bringing “The Music Man” from the stage to the silver screen,  Rod Royal is a prime suspect for recently stealing the Grammy from The Music Man Square in Mason City. Your team has 60 minutes to sneak into Rod Royal’s private music studio, retrieve the missing Grammy, and escape before time ends. 

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Team Building

Our Escape Rooms Are Perfect For Your Next Team Building Activity

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Our escape rooms are intentionally designed to force players to work together in order to escape. Teams will better understand how each other communicates, thinks, and interacts.

No Distractions

When is the last time your team focused on solving a single problem without ANY distractions? It leads to better communication, focus, and results!


Our engaging themes and challenging puzzles create a mutual, fun experience for team members to grow their relationship with each other while creating lasting memories.

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