Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Escape Game And How Do You Play Escape The Room?

If you’ve ever played a board game and wondered what it would be like to be in a real world, interactive version that’s an escape room. 

An escape room is a game in which a team of 4-10 players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in a themed and decorated room in order to progress and accomplish a specific goal in a limited amount of time. All puzzles inside our rooms are unique and consist of a mix of logic puzzles, riddles, and physical clues. You have 60 minutes to work with your team, against the clock, to escape!

Our escape room experiences are specifically designed by our team to promote team building, cooperation, and of course, fun!

Afraid of getting trapped? Our game hosts can offer 2-3 escape room clues to help move the game along. 

Will We Be Physically Locked In?

Don’t let your claustrophobia keep you from experiencing the fun! For the safety and enjoyment of all players, a participant may exit a live room escape game at any time.

How Do I Get Out Of A Locked Escape Room?

The objective of an escape room game is to get out before the clock runs out, but finding an escape isn’t always easy. Many groups get close but come up a little short of escaping.

You can escape the room one of two ways:

  1. Solve the Clues – Use your wits, critical thinking and communication skills to work with the other players and solve the clues. Solve them all before the clock strikes zero and the locked escape room will open.

  2. Ask to Leave – You might not be able to walk right out the door of a locked room escape game, but that doesn’t mean you’re trapped inside for an hour. You can ask to leave at any time. 

What Ages Can Play A Live Escape Room Game?

Escape Iowa welcomes players of all ages. Our attractions are designed for players that are 12 and older, but younger players are welcome to enjoy the experience, too.  At least one adult must be in attendance for all escape room experiences, and all players must pay admission.

How Many Players Can Participate?

Each room is designed to allow 4 – 10 players to band together with a single purpose – getting out in time.

Can Our Group Play Alone?

All of our escape room experiences are considered a private event for your group. If you would like to add players to your escape room experience after you have booked, you’re welcome to add them during your time with us.

When Do I Need To Arrive?

You don’t want to show up late for a game that’s all about beating the clock. All “escapers” should arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled game.